Our 2022-2023 Sponsors

Thank you BAE Systems for your continued support over the past 20 years!

Thank you Comcast for your continued support!

Thank you Jay Psaros Band for the first year sponsorship and support of CHAOS! 

Thank you for supporting us once again St. Mary's!

Thank you FIRST New Hampshire for your continued support! -You don't need this one-

Thank you Stonyfield Organic for supporting CHAOS for the first time!

Thank you 4-H for your support of our team for 10 years!

Thank you Pfizer for your support with all youth devolpment programs!

Thank you Queen City Rotary Club for your continued support in inspiring Manchester youth!

Thank you RTX for sponoring and supporting CHAOS for the first time!

Thank you NH DOE for your continued support of FIRST New Hampshire!

Thank you Mainstay Technologies for your first time sponsorship and support

Thank you Gene Haas Foundation for continuing support of our team!

Thank you Polymershapes for your kind donation of parts this season!

Thank you Cronin Bisson & Zalinsky Attorneys at Law for your continued support of our team!

Thank you Central High School for allowing us to operate and maintain our team!

Thank you for the kind donation of parts of this year!

Thank you Central Pride for Supporting us all these years!

A special thank you to the CHAOS Families & Alumni!

CHAOS is a tax deductible 501(c)(3) charitable organization. If you are interested in sponsoring, please check out our contact page, here, to get more information.