CHAOS World Championship

April 17th-20th

This Wednesday CHAOS loaded into the FIRST World Championship in Houston, TX. The World Championship brings 600 FIRST FRC teams from around the world together while at the same time hosting the FTC and FLL World Championships. CHAOS hasn’t been to the World Championship since 2017.

CHAOS and 74 other teams from around the world were assigned to the Daly Division, named after biochemist Marie Daly.

At the start of Thursday, CHAOS and 74 other teams from around the world were assigned to the Daly Division, named after biochemist Marie Daly. We were excited to see what it would hold, we went 5-0 by the end of day one ranking us 2nd overall. By the end of Friday we went 7-3 ranking 8th overall in our division. Meaning we were in alliance captain selections, that night we looked at our options and couldn’t wait for the next day.

As we entered Alliance selection the following morning on Saturday we invited our friends team 148 Robowranglers, followed by team 7157 mubotics, and team 2052 KnightKrawler, moving into the playoff stages of the World Championship. 

Although losing our first playoff match due to mechanical issues, we quickly rebounded, winning the next four matches and punching our ticket to the Daly Division Finals. Ultimately our journey in the 2024 Crescendo season, came to a close as we weren’t able to outscore the eventual world champs on Alliance 3. Although our season came to a close, making it this far is an incredible accomplishment and really can’t close our season better.

We would like to congratulate Team 1690, team 4522, team 321, and team 9432 for their wins in the Daly Division and winning the World Championship, as well as congratulating our friends team 2486 for being this year's Impact Award recipients. So many teams from New England made it to the Einstein fields. We would also like to congratulate teams 6328, 2370, 1058, 78, 5813, and 190 for making it all the way there.

Lastly we would like to thank our sponsors and supporters for supporting us this season and helping make all this possible, and a big thank you to the Manchester School District for also making this possible and we were happy to represent the Manchester School District at the world stage.

CHAOS New England District Championship 

April 3rd-6th

After competing at the Greater Boston District Event, we headed off to the New England District Championship where CHAOS was placed in the Ganson Division. After a loss in our first match we were high of hopes still as we knew we could go all the way, going 10-2-0 in qualification matches finishing 2nd in alliance section by the 2nd day. 

Going into Alliance selections we were ready, picking second overall. Our first pick was our good friends team 6329, and then when it came back around for our second pick we picked our good friends team 1729. During the playoffs we went 3-0 punching our ticket to the finals of the Ganson Division. In the finals we faced up against our good friends 3467, 125, and 8046. We lost our first match due to technical issues, while the next match it was a 2 against 3. Going into the 3rd match it was an even and close fight coming down to a nail biting finish. In the end we ended up winning our division and our first event win in over 13 years!!

Going to the Grand finals we matched up against Team 195, 8013, and team 5112. After a very close first match that ended up being a tie we lost the next two rounds calling out the end to this year's New England District Championship.

We would love to give a huge shout out to first for making this event possible, our alliance partners who were just excited as we are and the alliance who we faced in the end. CHAOS had a huge success and loved every minute of the event, now off to worlds.

Greater Boston Distict Event

March 23rd-24th

On March 23rd-24th CHAOS competed in our 2nd district event in Revere, MA. CHAOS competed well at the event and ended our qualification run in 6th place, with a record of 7-5. During the alliance selections we were the 1st pick of Alliance 2, being picked by our good friends Team 78 AIR Strike, and we were joined by Team 8626 Cyber Sailors.

During playoffs our alliance put up a strong showing going 3-2 in playoffs making it all the way to semi-finals where we lost to Alliance 1. Although we lost, we had a lot of fun and won the quality award which we haven't won since 2017. The quality award goes to the team that is robust in their robot design, concept, and fabrication.

We would like to give a big thanks to Team 125 NUTRONs for hosting the Greater Boston District Event!

Granite State District Event

March 1st-2nd

On March 1st-2nd we competed at the Granite State District Event, hosted at Salem High School in Salem, NH. This is our first event of the this seasons game Crescendo. In qualifications we went 7-5 seeding 6th out of 35 teams from around the New England area.

During Alliance Selection we were selected 3rd overall by our good friends 3467 Windham Windup. We then picked team 6153 Blue Crew to round off alliance 3. After winning our first playoff match, due to unfortunate mechanical issues we lost our next two matches ending our time at the event. Nonetheless we had a great time!

CHAOS was excited to take home the Innovation Control Award which celebrates an innovative control system, or application of control components, to provide unique machine functions!

We would like to give a huge Thank You to team 6324 The Blue Devils for doing a great job at hosting the 10th annual Granite State District Event!

RiverRage 26

October 29th

Every October, CHAOS and the other Manchester teams (PowerKnights and Crusaders) come together in order to host the event known as RiverRage. RiverRage is the longest running off season event in FIRST. These teams come together not only to compete, but to also build the field, set up the pits for the robots, and give directions to where the concessions are and what they sell. This year was the 26th year that RiverRage has been hosted. Teams all over New England have reported good experiences and continue to return every year. This event also supports the Manchester teams by doubling as a fundraising event, in fact RiverRage is one of the biggest fundraisers that the Manchester teams host. Overall, we highly recommend members of the community to come support the Manchester teams by attending this event and coming to join the positive experience that we call RiverRage! 

RiverRage 26 was truly a unique event compared to the previous events. What made it unique was that CHAOS brought the Cereal Box Monster. The Cereal Box monster is a wooden animatronic that changes facial expressions when food is entered through the mouth, it also makes vocal noises of chewing cartoonishly. This was a huge success in helping bring in over 1,000 donations! These donations are greatly appreciated and, from the bottom of our hearts, CHAOS would like to thank everyone that donated at this event! All donations collected from RiverRage are going into the food pantry that Manchester Central High School has created to help its students in need. 

Mayhem in Merrimack

October 2 2023

On Saturday September 23 2023 we competed in the Mayhem in Merrimack offseason Event at Merrimack High School in NH. In the qualification matches we started well, and ended with a score of 5-1. With this score we seeded as the number 1 ranked team. With the #1 pick, we picked our good friends Team 6328 Mechanical Advantage, we then picked Team 1735 The Green Reapers, with our final pick we picked our friends 6763 Fusion. 

We started the round robin off strong and won our first match. Overall, the alliance went 3-2 and made it to the finals. We went into finals matches with high hopes but we sadly ended up losing both matches to the amazing Alliance 2.

We want to give a huge shoutout and thank you to team 166 Chop Shop for running the event. We would also like to thank our alliance partners for making this a great time and competing with us. We had so much fun and this event was a great way to start our fall offseason!

Summer Heat 2023

Last Saturday we attended Summer Heat up in Falmouth, Maine! After going 5-0 in qualification matches, we captained Alliance 2 and reunited with our great friends 3467 Windham Windup! We then added our friends team 2648 infiniteloop to round off our alliance. After winning our first two matches in the playoffs, we unfortunately ended our day after losing the next two. Nonetheless, we had a great time!

Thank you so much to team 5687 The Outliers, team 172 the northern force, and team 58 The Riot Crew for running this event, it is one of our favorite off-season events each year!

2023 New England District Championship

April 5th-April 8th

Last weekend we competed at the New England District Championship, where 90 teams from across the region met. For the first time since switching to the District format, we presented for the FIRST Impact Award at the regional level. We were assigned to the Wilson Division. After a tough qualification match schedule and some technical issues, we ranked 41st with a record of 3-9. We are grateful to have been selected by our friends team 4909 Bionics and team 2713 Red Hawk Robotics to join Alliance 6. Unfortunately, we had a quick exit in the Playoffs after losing our first two matches, marking the end of our Charged Up official season. 

We want to thank everyone who has supported us throughout the 2023 season, especially those who contributed to the GoFundMe and paved the way for us to attend the District Championship. We also want to thank our sponsors. Without their support this year could not have been what it was - one of our best yet!

We can't to see everyone in the off-season!

2023 UNH District Event

March 25th - 26th

On Saturday March 25th, CHAOS competed at the UNH District Event, hosted at the UNH Durham campus in Durham, NH. This was our second event of the Charged Up year and we competed with 40 teams from around the New England area. Throughout the first day of the event, CHAOS had a slower start. We ended up being placed 11th in ranking, after going 7-5 in our qualification matches. This event, we were graciously selected by the fourth ranked team, 58 The Riot Crew from South Portland, ME. To round off our alliance, we then selected team 501 The PowerKnights from Manchester, NH. We went 4-3 in the new double elimination tournament, making it to the finals. This was our first finals appearance of the season. 

Although CHAOS didn't take home a win, we as a team had a very successful event. Bringing home a finalist award, CHAOS also qualified for the New England District Championship in Springfield, MA on April 6th-8th. On a non-technical aspect, CHAOS was the recipient of the FIRST Impact Award. This award is based on the overall impact that a team has made within their community, as well as the promotion of FIRST Robotics. This award gives it's recipient a direct path to the New England District Championship. Winning the FIRST Impact Award also gave CHAOS their first blue banner in over a decade. CHAOS will be able to compete for this award on a regional level at the New England District Championship. Aside from the team awards, one of our amazing juniors, Mia Cunningham, was selected as a Dean's List Semi-Finalist. This award is based on individual leadership within the student's team and overall community. Mia will now be considered for a Dean's List Finalist Award at the New England District Championship. 

We want to thank UNH Durham for hosting this event. We would also like to thank all the amazing volunteers for helping make this event possible. We also would like to give a special thanks to FRC team 509 Red Storm for helping our team throughout the event while we solved some of our electrical issues. Their help was a major component to our overall success during this event. 

2023 Granite State District Event

March 3th

On Friday March 3rd, CHAOS competed at the Granite State District Event, hosted at Salem High School in Salem, NH. This is our first event of the Charged Up year and we competed with 39 teams from around the New England area. Due to inclement weather, this event was shortened to a one day event, with every team receiving 8 qualification matches. CHAOS had a somewhat slow start at the event as we worked to solve technical difficulties. We ended up in 19th place after going 4-4 in our qualification matches. This event, we were graciously selected by the third place team, 4564 Orange Chaos from Brewer, ME. To round off our alliance, we then selected team 6763 FUSION from Manchester, NH. We went 2-2 in the new double elimination tournament, ending the day in Match 12.

This year's game is called Charged Up. For more information for this game, check out this link. We will also be attending the UNH District Event on March 25-26th and will hopefully qualify for the New England District Championship in April. 

We want to thank FRC Team 6324, The Blue Devils, for hosting this event. We would also like to thank the event volunteers for their hard work condensing this event into a single day. And we want to give a very special thank you to FRC Team 95 The Grasshoppers, FRC Team 238 Crusaders, and FRC Team 501 The Powerknights for their assistance while we worked to fix our robot. Their help was crucial in helping us succeed at this event!

2022 NHFLL Manchester Qualifier 

November 22nd

On Saturday, November 19th we ran the NHFLL Manchester Qualifer event where we hosted 16 teams in this event. These teams have been working since September in which they had to follow the theme of energy along with how it works and were tasked with designing a project related to it as well as demonstrate core values. 

All 16 teams competed together in this year's game, Super-Powered. We moved 10 teams to the state championship in New Hampshire including our first and second place champions teams, AweSTEM and TheLegoSphere. Additionally, this was our 19th time running this event since 2002! We look forward to hosting even more events in the years to come. 

Finally, we'd like to congratulate everyone that showed up and all the teams that had a great year. Also, thank you to the volunteers and everyone else who participated in this event.

We wish you all luck at the state champions this year!

Battle of the Bay, 2022

November 15th

On Saturday, November 5th we competed in our last Rapid React event- Battle of the Bay in Alton, NH.

We had a record of 4-2 in Qualification matches, seeding us 4th overall. During alliance selections we were invited to join Alliance 1 by our good friends Team 3467 Windham Windup! We then selected our friends team 1307 The Robosaints to round off alliance. 

After fighting through the Quarters and Semis, we moved onto the Finals, where we faced a challenging alliance of teams 5813 Morpheus, 319 Big Bad BOB, and 7314 Tornadoes. After losing our first match, we came back and won the next two, becoming Battle of the Bay Champions!

A huge thank you to Team 319 Big Bad BOB for hosting this amazing event! We can't think of a better event to end our season off with!

RiverRage 25 2022

October 29th

On October 28-29th, CHAOS co-hosted with all the Manchester FIRST teams in Memorial High School, Manchester, NH. On the 28th, the different teams worked together to set up the field, the pit, and the concessions. On the 29th, 28 teams were there to compete.

During the qualifications, CHAOS came into third place with a 5-0-0 record. During the alliance selection, all the teams picked their first choice from a pumpkin. Our team got teamed up with 2262, Robo-Panthers and we teamed up with teams 509, Red Storm, and Team 1474, Titans. During the round robin, we came up with a score of 4-1-0. 

We were able to make it to the finals and during the first match, we were close to winning but our robot shut off on us and we ended up with a score of 84-94. In the second match, we won by 20 points with a score of 97-77. In the third match, we also won with a score of 91-73 and during that match with the help of our teammates, we were able to secure a triple-traversal climb being the second in New England to do so, winning RiverRage 25.

Thank you to all the teams and volunteers that participated and helped out on Friday and Saturday. It was an amazing event and we look forward to next year’s events and the next RiverRage!

Governor's Cup 2022

October 15th

On Saturday we competed in the New Hampshire Governor’s Cup Event at Plymouth State University. In the qualification matches we started slow but won all of our matches, and we were cooking with fire. By the end of qualifications we had a 5-0 record finishing as the 2nd seed. The #1 seed, our good friends Team 3467 Windham Windup, picked us and Team 4546 Dover Shockwave. 

We continued to go undefeated through the quarter-finals and semi-finals, moving us on to the Finals. After a hard-fought first match, everyone was pumped to see the results- a 104 to 93 win. We still had one more match to go and were tense about it, but we pounded through that tension and won the finals with the last match being a nail biting 96-94 points!

During that event we also won the Governor's Award which went to three teams this year, teams that are well balanced both on and off the field. Every senior on the team got 1 free semester of college at any school in New Hampshire.

Big thanks to Plymouth State University for hosting the event and all the sponsors sponsoring the event!

Mayhem In Merrimack 2022

September 24th

On September 24th, CHAOS Participated in Mayhem In Merrimack, Merrimack, NH. Throughout the event CHAOS had a fun time and ended the qualification matches with a 6-0-0 win/loss ratio. During Alliance selection CHAOS selected our good friends teams 238 Crusaders, 1058 PVC Pirates, and 8708 Ov3r1y K0mp13x. We came into the semi-finals and won our first two matches but lost our third, we made it through the Round Robin with a win/loss ratio of 4-1-0. 

During the finals CHAOS was cheerful and excited, although we fell short and lost both of the finals matches we still had a great time, and hope to have a great time next year!! We would like to congratulate the winning alliance, 1073 the force team, 1153 the timberwolves, 1768 Nashoba Robotics, 190 Gompei And The H.E.R.D for an amazing performance in the finals! Great thanks to Merrimack High School, and team 166 Chop Shop for hosting this event, we hope to see you next year!

Summer Heat 2022

June 25, 2022

Last Saturday we went up to Falmouth, ME for Summer Heat. CHAOS did well and had a lot of fun, we went on in qualification matches to be 6-0-0 and we were seeded #1 overall in qualifying. 


We were captain for alliance #1 during alliance selections, and we ended up pairing ourselves with our good friends team 3467, 6153 Blue Crew, and 8046 the Lakerbots We went on to the round robin where we had a 4-1 record. We entered the finals and after three matches, we ended Summer Heat as Champions!


Good thanks to Team 172 The Northern Force, Team 58 The Riot Crew, and Team 5687 The Outliers for hosting the event, we had a fun time and can’t wait to have more fun throughout the year!


June 4-June 5

Last weekend on June 4th and 5th we participated in BattleCry 22 hosted by WPI, in Worcester, MA. This was our first off-season event of 2022, BattleCry is the biggest off season event in New England, we have been to every single BattleCry since the first one back in 2000. We competed in 7 qualification matches, and went undefeated, seating 4th out of 61 teams. As soon as alliance selection started we picked our good friends team 3467 Windham Windup, 2423 The KwarQs, and we picked our other good friends team 6324 the blue devils from a hat.

We competed in a preliminary round of two matches to determine which of the 16 playoff alliances would be moving on to the round robin. After going 2-0 in those matches we were one of 6 alliances set to move forward. We entered the round robin and faced each other's alliance, ultimately going 4-1 against them. This meant we were moving onto the finals. We secured a win in the first match of the finals, but ultimately couldn't keep up against the strong alliance of 7407 The Wired Boars, 2168 The Aluminum Falcons, 2265 Fe Maidens, and 3182 Athena's Warriors. 

Overall CHAOS had an amazing time at BattleCry 22. We would like to congratulate all of the winners. We would also like to thank WPI for hosting Battlecry and making it a great, entertaining, and fun event!

NE FIRST District Championship

April 13- April 16

Back on April 13-Apr 16, 2022 CHAOS participated in the New England FIRST District Championship, at The Big E in West Springfield, MA. As we progressed in the event CHAOS came 2nd overall in qualifications within our division. We had a 9-3-0 win loss ratio after 2 days of qualfiaction matchs, at that time we were looking in great-shape. We started alliance selection on the final day, and in doing so we picked our number neighbor Team 133 BERT and Team 5735 Control Freaks. We came into quarters and we won both of our matches. As we came into the semi-finals we won our first semi final match, but lossed our second, it came down to a tie-breaking match and we ended up winning the third match. We came into the finals hoping to get to the grand-finals, we lost our first finals match but came back in the second, it ended up as another tie-breaker and we lost by just a few points. 

As a result we ended our season with a good last event as we came second overall in our division, and ended up 8th overall in the New England District. As the season comes to a close we are happy to end it on a good note, we are hoping to have more off-season events while the year progresses and we hope to share this with you.

NE District Pease ANG Event 

March 31 - April 2, 2022

From March 31 - April 2 CHAOS participated in the NE District Pease ANG Event, in Durham, NH. We went 7-5 in our 12 qualifying matches, placing us 9th out of 40 teams. We captained the 6th playoff alliance, picking our friend Team 166 Chop Shop and Team 5494 The Bizarbots during alliance selections. We had a strong quarter-final round, upsetting the number 3 alliance to advance to the semis. Unfortunately we were unable to make it out of the semi-finals due to multiple robot breakages.

CHAOS also won the Innovation in Control Award, which celebrates an innovative control system or application of control components. This is the 4th time we have received this award in our history!

We are now planning on going to the New England FIRST District Championship in West Springfield, MA on Apr 13th to Apr 16 2022.

NE District Granite State Event 

March 3-March 5, 2022

On March 3rd through March 5th CHAOS competed in the Granite State District Event, hosted at Salem High School in Salem, NH. This is our first event of the Rapid React year and we competed with 39 teams from around the New England area. CHAOS was in 4th place after the qualifying rounds of the tournament, going 9-3 in those matches. As the captain of Alliance 3 we selected FRC Team 4909 The Bionics from Billerica, MA and FRC Team 6690 MV RoboPride from Concord, NH. We had a strong showing in the playoff, breezing through the quarterfinals and into the semifinals. Our alliance put up a hard fought couple of matches in the semis but were unable to outscore the opposing alliance.

At this event we were chosen out of 39 teams to be awarded the Industrial Design award that is sponsored by GM. The Industrial Design award is awarded to teams that can describe how their team's robot is designed. The robot worthy of recognition must show a detailed description of how it was designed, manufactured, and assembled. Also the robot has to be able to be distinguished by others from its aesthetic and functional design. This was our first time winning this award and we are happy to be able to receive it.

This year's game is called Rapid React for more information about this game check out this video. CHAOS will also be attending the Pease ANG District Event in a couple of weeks, as we continue our bid for a District Championship appearance in April.

Governors Cup @ Battle Of The Bay 

November 6, 2021

On November 6th CHAOS competed at the Governor's Cup off-season event, hosted by Battle of the Bay. Governor's Cup is a state championship-like event where the attending New Hampshire teams compete to earn scholarships. Thirty-four New England teams competed in this year's event, held at Prospect Mountain High School in Alton, NH.

CHAOS, fresh off of a win at the previous week's River Rage off-season, came ready to compete. CHAOS finished the qualifying round with a record of 3-2, placing us in 7th place moving into alliance selections. CHAOS was swiftly picked up, accepting an invitation from the 2nd seeded alliance captain, FRC Team 4041 The Iron Tigers from Gardiner, Maine. The Iron Tigers and CHAOS then selected FRC Team 4546 Shockwave from Dover, New Hampshire to round out the playoff alliance.

Our alliance lost its 1st quarter-final match 108 - 189 before making a comeback to win the 2nd match 101 - 76. After a hard-fought tiebreaker match, our alliance was unable to secure a trip to the semi-final round.

This competition was the last off-season of 2021. Thank you to our alliance partners and congratulations to the event winners! Finally a big thank you to everyone who helped make the Governor's Cup at Battle of the Bay possible.Traditionally, Battle of the Bay is a separate off-season event organized and run by PMHS FIRST Robotics Team 319: Big Bad Bob. This year due to unforeseen circumstances the Governor's Cup lost its venue. Big Bad Bob graciously stepped up to host the Governor's Cup event to ensure its success. Thank you Big Bad Bob!

Fall Training 2021

November 4, 2021

As the team approaches the build season, many students have decided what sub-team they would like to participate in within the team. Each sub-team has jumped straight into work with hands-on projects. Here’s what projects CHAOS has been working on:





River Rage 24

October 30, 2021

On October 30th, 2021 our team 131 CHAOS along with a couple other Manchester robotics teams, 238 Crusaders and 501 Power Knights, ran River Rage our annual off-season event. At this event 23 teams attended, traveling from all over New England to participate. Along with our fellow hosts, we were able to put together this year’s game field with the help of volunteers from all three teams. This was the 24th year of River Rage held in Manchester, NH which benefits our district’s school robotics organizations. Hosting this competition is a great way to bring together the local FIRST teams, introducing new students to the FIRST experience. 

CHAOS also participated in this event. Beginning with the qualifying rounds we finished with a record of 3-3, ranked 10th out of the 23 teams. Then the teams with the highest ranks got to choose others to be in their alliance. 131 CHAOS was chosen by the first seed, 5813 Morpheus, 238 Crusaders, and 6763 FUSION. This winning alliance breezed through the round robin matches, making us the alliance to beat in the finals.  Watching this alliance compete with their strong power cell shooters and unmatched triple robot hangs sent us climbing to the top. Our alliance won both final matches resulting in our first Power Up win! On November 6, 2021 we will be competing in Alton, NH for the 2021 Governor’s Cup. 

Thunder Over New Hampshire

September 12, 2021

Thunder Over NH is an air show that families attend to watch planes fly. Military members, families, various FIRST Teams (approximately a dozen teams) and CHAOS members all attended this air show. CHAOS performed numerous scrimmages to promote FIRST Robotics at this event, whilst working with military soldiers to drive a robot. The event took place at the Pease Air force base in Portsmouth NH on September 11th and 12th.There was a wide variety of aircraft and some on ground displays for people to observe. The event also incorporated many activities for families to participate in and other amenities.